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Frutti, Veggi and Angry on tour in Hungary in 2023

The European Fraîch’Force – Taste of Adventure programme will visit many parts of Hungary again this year to promote the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables as widely as possible.

The six-stop tour will start on 20 May in Veszprém at the GyereKert event and end on 16 September in Zamárdi at the Balaton Run sports event. During the summer, Frutti, Veggi and Angry will also visit the Great Sports Choice event in Budapest, the Ultra Tisza Lake Race, the Gyula Castle Baths and the Galiba Children’s Festival in Debrecen. Children and their families can enjoy a fruit and vegetable tasting, an obstacle course, a chill zone for teenagers, a smoothie bike or a photo shoot with Frutti, Veggi and Angry.

You can also meet the European Fraîch’Force team at the fruit and vegetable stands in Auchan and Penny stores between 2 and 24 June, during the weekend shopping. At the stands you will also have the opportunity to discover and taste fresh fruit and vegetables. Frutti, Veggi and Angry will be present in 14 shops in 14 cities for 40 days, from Szeged to Jászberény and Győr.

For up-to-date information on the European Fraîch’Force team’s summer events and outings, please visit the programme’s website and its social media pages.

🇭🇺 This year Frutti and Veggi are joined by Angry at the start of a national roadshow

This year Frutti and Veggi are joined by Káosz (Angry) at the start of a national roadshow, where visitors could meet them at six locations. The first stop will be the PlayIT game show in Budapest, where we will be able to directly reach the program’s target audience, 14-18-year-olds. During the summer months, the European Fresh Force program will also be at the Ultra Tisza Lake race, the Győrkőc Festival, Alsóörs beach at lake Balaton, and the August 20th festivities in Budapest. The line-up will be rounded off by the Dunakeszi Fest in early September. Fun games, temporary fruit and vegetable tattoos, funny, superhero-themed photo props, and delicious fresh fruits and vegetable tastings will be waiting for families and children.

🇭🇺 This year people could finally meet Frutti and Veggi again at supermarkets' fruit and vegetable counters

After a long hiatus due to the coronavirus epidemic, this year people could finally meet the European Fresh Force – The power of taste program again at supermarkets’ fruit and vegetable counters during their weekend shopping. Between April 22nd to May 14th Frutti and Veggi were waiting for families in Penny Market stores countrywide. At the displays of European Fresh Force, besides discovering and tasting fresh fruits and vegetables, visitors could also take part in an exciting prize draw. The main prize of the game was a two-day family weekend for five people at the Pangea Hotel in Nyíregyháza Wildlife Park, with half-board and two-day admission to the Zoo included. Another 10 lucky participants received a Frutti and Veggi gift package. During the outings, Balázs Győrffy, President of NAK and Florian Jens Naegele, Managing Director of Penny Market Hungary Kft also visited Frutti and Veggi.

🇭🇺 The European Fresh Force program started this year with spring vegetable dishes

The European Fresh Force program started this year with spring vegetable dishes.

We held the European Fresh Force’s launching press conference on March 31st, at one of Budapest’s most popular markets, which included a cooking workshop. The event was opened by Balázs Győrffy, president of NAK, who spoke about this year’s goals and novelties. He also introduced the new mascot of the program, Káosz (Angry), who is the fierce opponent of Frutti and Veggi in Vegapolis.

Following the official programme, a cooking workshop was held by chef József Bernáth, during which participants prepared and tasted dishes made from fresh, sprouted vegetables. Using bell peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini, as a starter, bell pepper, and couscous salad was served stuffed in cocktail tomatoes, while the main course was a zucchini-boat filled with ratatouille. The dishes were not only plenty delicious but also healthy, as a great compensation for the frequent fatigue or vitamin deficiency after the winter.

We are delighted that nearly 20 journalists attended our press event and reported on this year’s European Fresh Force – The power of taste program’s official launch and plans for the whole year.

🇧🇪 16th July to 15th August 2021: Frutti and Veggi’s extraordinary garden

Meet up with Frutti and Veggi and have fun with fresh fruit and vegetables. Activities include: a fruit and vegetable based music workshop, and family juice-making with our smoothies bike!

🇭🇺 28th May to 22nd August 2021: A taste for adventure, with Frutti and Veggi

Meet up with Frutti and Veggi and have fun with fresh fruit and vegetables. Activities include: hands-on activities for the little ones, Fraich’Force obstacle course, Meat&Great corner with a music and dance workshop, fruit and vegetable riddles, and family juice-making with our smoothies bike!

🇫🇷 29th September to 30th October 2021: Frutti and Veggi’s extraordinary garden

Meet up with Frutti and Veggi and have fun with fresh fruit and vegetables. Activities include: discover how fruit and vegetables are grown, music workshop, fruit and vegetable riddles and family juice-making with our smoothies bike!

Program partners

Interfel, NAK and Apaq-W bring together all those people who work hard to make sure you have great fruit and vegetables on your plate: the growers, those who get them from the fields to our shops, those who sell them, and those who cook them.

The AOPn Fraises de France, the AOPn Tomates Concombres de France, and the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Kiwi represent the people who produce strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers and kiwi fruit.

Our latest News

Frutti, Veggi and Chaos were the best!

European Fresh Force Wins the “Most Successful Promotion of the Year 2023” This year, Frutti, Veggi and Chaos won prestigious professional awards. The European Fresh Force programwon gold certification in the Trade magazine’s “Most successful promotion of the year” competition in the foodcategory. “We are very happy about this award, as we are constantly receiving positive feedback from families, childrenand the Hungarian agriculture, but this is our first recognition in the field of marketing communication. TheEuropean Fresh Force is a truly special promotion, as it’s focus is not on a single product or product line, buton promoting fresh fruit and vegetable consumption among families and 6–18-year-olds.” – said dr. DiánaSidlovits, head of horticultural group, coordinator of the program. Trade magazine organized the “Most Successful Promotion of the Year” competition for the 15th time this year, the results of which were announced on April 27. Entries were open in seven categories and five special prizeswere awarded. The winners were selected by a 14-member professional jury following focus group research.