European Fraich’Force

Our Partners

List of the partners

  • Interprofession des fruits et légumes frais (Interfel)

    Created in 1976, Interfel, the interprofessional fresh fruit and vegetable group, covers all products from the fresh fruit and vegetable sector. All the key stages of the sector’s operations are represented: production, cooperation, shipping, imports, introduction, exports, wholesaling, distribution (supermarkets, specialist trades) and institutional catering. An official organisation drawing on private initiatives, Interfel is recognised as a national agricultural interprofessional association under French law, and by the European Union since 21st November 1996 within the framework of the Common organisation of agricultural markets (CMO).

  • Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK)

    A public body created in 2013, the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) covers the entire Hungarian national food chain, agricultural production activities and rural development. Its purpose is to help its members develop their businesses; to provide national lobbying to improve the socioeconomic standing of agribusiness organisations; to represent the sector’s interests both nationally and internationally; and to share information and knowledge across multiple communication channels. The NAK plays an important role in promoting agricultural products.

  • Apaq-W

    Since 2003, the Walloon Agency for the Promotion of Quality Agriculture (Apaq-W, formerly ORPAH, created in 1938), aims to promote the image of Walloon agriculture and horticulture, along with agricultural and horticultural producers and processed agricultural products. A key part of that is its development of sector-based marketing action plans and a cross-sector communication strategy. It also sets up field activities aimed at different audiences, aimed at harnessing the know-how and quality of Walloon products.

  • AOPn Fraises de France

    Created in 2008, the National Association of Producer Organisations (AOPn) “Fraises de France” brings together and represents more than 350 French strawberry producers. Its aim is to sustain and boost French strawberry production by offering consumers varieties of the highest quality.

  • AOPn Tomates et Concombres de France

    The National Association of Producer Organisations (AOPn) “Tomates et Concombres de France” brings together nearly 1000 tomato and cucumber producers from across the whole of France. United by a quality charter, AOPn professionals work to share their know-how and their commitment to the environment, quality, flavour and the diversity of their products.

  • Bureau national Interprofessionnel du Kiwi

    For nearly 40 years, the BIK, an association under the 1901 law, has brought together French kiwi producers, cooperatives and shippers. It reflects their desire to work together to promote, develop and defend the French kiwi. Kiwi production among BIK members accounts for roughly 65% of French production.