European Fraich’Force

Adventure lies ahead!

The European Fraich’Force is a fresh fruit and vegetable information and promotional programme aimed at children and parents, led by France, Hungary and Wallonia.

The European Fraich’Force programme

The European Fraich’Force programme is a 3-year European programme aimed at raising awareness among children and their parents about eating fresh fruit and vegetables. Although levels are increasing, France, Hungary and Wallonia are still consuming less than the WHO’s recommended daily intake of 400 g of fresh fruit and vegetables.

That is why the interprofessional fruit and vegetable group (Interfel), the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK), the Walloon Agency for the Promotion of Quality Agriculture (Apaq-W), The National Interprofessional Kiwi Bureau (BIOK), and the French national associations of tomato, cucumber and strawberry producers have decided to join forces to increase the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. This is a real public health challenge!

This programme follows on from the “European Fraich’Fantasy” programme, and has set itself the following aims:

  • to increase knowledge of fresh fruit and vegetables among children and their parents,
  • to focus on encouraging the consumption of products that children particularly enjoy, but which still suffer from low levels of consumption,
  • to reconcile parents to the practical aspects of fresh fruit and vegetables, and more particularly how to prepare them in the kitchen,
  • to develop the pleasure of cooking and eating fresh fruit and vegetables, making them a lasting everyday feature of family life.

On the European Fraich’Force menu

European Fraich’Force presents the adventures of Frutti and Veggi, accompanied by Will and Maya – their best friends – to combat the wicked misdeeds of evil Angry using the Fraich’Force of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Through an all-encompassing package using play-based learning, children and their parents can catch up with the European Fraich’Force adventures digitally via exclusive content on social networks and on the partners’ websites, on television through publicity spots, and by following the Frutti and Veggi mini-series, and through events across all of France, Hungary and Wallonia.

Our Characters

Frutti and Veggi are mascots created as part of a previous European programme aimed at children. Frutti and Veggi love fresh fruit and vegetables in all their guises, and guide us through the adventures of Fraich’Force.


Frutti has a rather sunny disposition. Always the joker, whatever the situation, even in the most desperate of times, he’s always ready with a cheerful quip to lighten the mood. His strength comes from fruit, which he loves for its sweet flavours, and the sun that makes it grow! Never the shy and retiring type, he always has something to say!


Veggi, meanwhile, is much more down-to-earth, which is hardly surprising because it’s in the earth that the vegetables grow to give him his strength. Sometimes a little too serious, he loves science, and is particularly fascinated by vegetables and all their flavours. His dream? To go into space on a space shuttle!


Will is a young boy, and Frutti and Veggi’s best friend. With his sister Maya, he’s always up for an adventure. Together, they thwart Angry’s dirty tricks! Faced with the Fraich’Force of fruit and vegetables, he’s good for nothing!


Maya is the real jolly joker of the European Fresh Force: she is a smart, intelligent, serious girl, and like Veggi, she also loves science. When it comes to joking around, she doesn’t hesitate to tell his twin brother, Will, and their good friend, Frutti, if some of their jokes fall flat. Maya is inseparable from her brother and loves to spend time with their best friends, Frutti and Veggi!


Hiding away in his evil lair, Angry hates freshness! His heart is as hard as a coconut shell, and he’s only ever happy when he’s stopping Frutti, Veggi and their friends from making the most of their fresh fruit and vegetables!