A European information and promotion programme

The European Fraîch’fantasy programme

France and Hungary are two European countries where fruit and vegetable consumption is low, well below international recommendations. This is all the more alarming given that younger generations eat fewer fruit and vegetables than their elders.

To increase fruit and vegetable consumption in households with children, INTERFEL, the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) and the French national associations of producer organisations for tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries (AOPn Fraises & AOPn Tomates et Concombres) have partnered their expertise to prepare an informative promotional campaign for children (aged 6 to 10 in France and 6 to 14 in Hungary) and their families. This campaign is financed with the aid of the European Union.

The concept of the “powers of fresh fruit and vegetables” chosen for this campaign is based on an immersive narrative, both fun and educational, with the aim of imparting knowledge to children and their families about fresh fruit and vegetable preparation, varieties and quality in Europe.

The programme is based on two fictional characters: Frutti and Veggi.


Who are Frutti and Veggi?

Frutti and Veggi are mascots created as part of a previous European programme for children. Frutti and Veggi, who love fresh fruit and vegetables of all kinds, act as role models.

They have grown up quite a bit these last few years (!) and continue to be friends, inviting children to experience epic adventures by their side, in the fantastical world of “European Fraîch’fantasy”. Together, they protect the inhabitants and animals of Vegapolis and save the world, all thanks to the secret powers of fresh fruit and vegetables!

Courage, perseverance, surpassing oneself and curiosity are the keys to this introductory experience. Knowledge acquisition through games helps encourage enthusiasm about fresh fruit and vegetables among budding adventurers.

The programme also targets parents and grandparents, offering real synergy around the subject. Whether children eat plenty of fruit and vegetables depends on their family’s eating habits.

The programme therefore encourages parents to prepare and cook fresh fruit and vegetables daily, and simply, for their children. It also encourages grandparents to create a variety of fun activities around these foods.