An educational narrative line for children

Welcome to Vegapolis!

In this magical and mysterious kingdom live fantastical animals and grow fruit and vegetables of all shapes and sizes! Let’s discover this amazing world together!

The Kingdom

In this region of the kingdom, you will find carrots whose leafy tops reach up to the sky, lofty bunches of leeks and towering forests of cauliflower, broccoli and watermelon. In the shade of these huge vegetables, the creatures of Giants’ Grove live their daily lives.

The oversized rabbit-rams and bumble bee-fireflies live in harmony with the inhabitants of the grove. Old temples and underground tunnels attract many adventurers to the area.

It is said that Giants’ Grove was created by the Spirit of the Forest…

The Islands in the Clouds levitate high in the sky. The islands are all connected to each other by gigantic vines.

This sunny, sometimes windy region offers the inhabitants of Vegapolis a wide variety of fabulous, sweet fruit: apples, pears, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, mangoes, pineapples and kiwis to name but a few!

However, this idyllic landscape has been experiencing violent storms recently…

The Crystal Domes, shaped like bells, were built by an ancient civilisation, now extinct. It’s a great place to live because the glass walls hold in the heat of the sun’s rays, maintaining the perfect temperature for plants to grow. These domes protect fruit and vegetables from bad weather, such as ice or wind. That’s why the inhabitants are able to grow and enjoy delicious strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers.

The characters

Frutti is an adorable creature who lives in the Islands in the Clouds. A natural optimist, he’s a real adventurer at heart, fascinated by secret places and tasting new foods. Frutti especially loves fresh fruit of all colours (even if his favourite will always be red!) because when he eats fruit, he can call upon their magic powers!

Thanks to fruit, Frutti controls the powers that make plants grow and he can throw fireballs to defend or heal his friends. Frutti’s body also transforms into pure light so he can cross through any obstacle!

Veggi lives in Giants’ Grove – the rich and fertile land that’s as green as he is. He feels right at home under the grove’s cool canopy of gigantic vegetables. But if a predator appears in the forest, putting his friends in danger, Veggi rushes straight in to their rescue!

Eating vegetables feeds his magic powers… Veggi can run super-fast, he also controls the land beneath his feet and can make it change shape, even order the ground to cover him in a living armour.

Will is a young boy from the real world who has accidentally dropped into this colourful and magical kingdom. Will shall discover the mysteries of this singular place and the secret powers of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Angry is the evil twin of Frutti and Veggi; nobody knows how he got there… Angry spends all his energy on trying to destroy the Fraîch’fantasy kingdom and feeds off the fear and cowardice of the inhabitants of Vegapolis to nourish his evil powers.

Where does he come from? How do we defeat him? It’s a mystery that only Will can solve, with the help of all his friends.

Hellia is grumpy and jealous by nature. Although she can be selfish, Hellia manages to overcome it when there’s danger about, to help Frutti and Veggi save the day!

She lives on the border between the mountain and Giants’ Grove. It is an exotic region where chili peppers, bell peppers and all the red berries she loves grow. Red fruit and vegetables give Hellia her magic powers of pyrokinesis. With her flame throwing she is able to push back the enemy.

Ava is very curious by nature and asks questions about everything! She lives in the Crystal Domes, where the many laboratories of the ancient civilisation are brimming with scientific discoveries.

Ava’s perseverance means she can solve any problem and any equation.

She has the power to become as light as a feather so she can fly! She can even transfer her power to other objects or people, which then go floating up into the air.

Barbedor is an enigmatic hermit whose confusing advice always bears some truth. He is easy to recognise with his pointy beard and messy hair.

Barbedor lives in the Islands of the Clouds, in a cave dug in stone. The whole kingdom comes to him to taste his magic potions! His soups and smoothies are made using secret recipes that give powers to those who drink them.